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We have some of the best, most experienced installers in the business. Pavers, retaining walls, and natural stone can all be incorporated into your design with the assurance that the final outcome will be a lifetime-lasting work of art.

Countryside Stone offers:

  • A Certified Landscape Architect
  • Manufactured Certified Installers
  • An ongoing Maintenance Program

At Countryside Stone many of our products contribute to LEED certification. We proudly support the development of ‘green’ product innovations and are committed to developing and improving our entire product line with respect to the environment.

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    Since 1998, we have maintained our reputation as one of the top stone & pavement companies in the Midwest. Our philosophy for excellence is captured in our resolute focus on the best people, products and processes.
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    "Our new patio is so awesome. The crew from Countryside Stone were so clean and professional. I really appreciate the attention to detail during the planning process with the designer. To see it complete, well, it's just awesome!"

    - Mary Homeowner, Muncie, Indiana